A:What is Forex Rebate?
Q:Forex rebate is the process by which we return to you the costs incurred in the process of forex trading due to spreads?

A:Do all transactions generate rebates?
Q:According to different brokers policies and the varieties of forex trade, Metals, and so on, the amount of rebates are different, specific brokers rebate policy can contact our online customer service for advice.

A:How long can I see the forex rebate in my personal profile?
Q:According to the different brokers commission cycle limit, you can see your rebate as soon as a day later, if you do not see your rebate can contact our online customer service for your inquiry

A:How much can I apply for a withdrawal of the forex rebate?
Q:You can request a withdrawal once your rebate exceeds $20.

A:What is mall credit?
Q:Mall points is Mycashbackforex launched a unique exchange system, you will generate mall points in the transaction process, when you accumulate a certain number of points you can use the points in the mall to redeem Amazon gift cards and other gifts, we will not regularly add new types of gifts for you to exchange!

A:Why am I trading but don't get rebates?
Q:First of all, you need to check the rebate rules with the online customer service, because the rebate rules vary from platform provider to platform provider, for example, XM you need to hold the order for more than 30 seconds in order to be considered a valid rebate order.

A:I have a very large number of lots, can I get better commission conditions?
Q:We welcome all strong forex traders to participate in our rebate program. If you are good at forex trading and have a large number of lots and would like to know if you can upgrade your rebate benefits, you can contact our online customer service directly.

A:Can I become your agent and get paid for trading with my subordinate clients?
Q:Yes, if you have a strong promotion ability, you can develop a lot of subordinate customers, you can also contact us to apply to become a top agent, so that as long as your subordinate customers are trading, you can get a generous commission bonus every day.